About Us


We are thrilled to deliver West Hollywood the evolution of fitness through the ultimate full-body workout created by Sebastien Lagree. We are the only licensed Lagree Megaformer studio in West Hollywood. Lagree combines strength training, core, muscle endurance, cardio and stretching into an intense, shirt-drenching body shaking 45-minute fitness experience. A new and improved workout construct with appeal to both men and women, the Lagree Fitness experience does not fail to challenge or to deliver on its reputation. Outfitted with the latest M3S Megaformer™ machines and marked by prohibition era decor, our studio is an exciting place to experience The Lagree Method. LAGREE UNDERGROUND has been built on a foundation of consistency, which is evident in the look and feel of our studio and the manner in which it is run, the way trainers are carefully selected and trained by Mikael Padilla personally, our class structure and overall client experience.


It’s not Pilates, it’s Lagree

  • 323.510.1575
  • info@lagreeunderground.com
  • 7912 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90046